Princely state of Porbandar

26 Oct 2017  Thu

A state on the coastline of western India during British Raj, the Princely State of Porbandar was the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi. His uncle and father served as Dewans for the Rana of Porbandar State.

This state was founded in 1193 CE by an expelled ruler from Morvi State. On 5th December 1809, it became a British protectorate. This state came under Kathiawar Agency of Bombay Presidency and had its own metre-gauge railway called Porbandar State Railway.

During the British rule, many states issued stamps to collect revenue for its maintenance. These stamps were mostly Court-fees Stamps used for fee or tax collection for the service provided. The above-shown stamp is an excellent example of such a Court-fees stamp.

This Princely State acceded in the dominion of India on 15th February 1948 and eventually became the part of the present-day state of Gujarat.

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