Jahangir’s Gold Mohur Sold for INR 2,65,000

26 Oct 2017  Thu

Lahore was the part of Mughal Empire from 1524 to 1752. During the period of the Mughal rule, it touched the zenith of its glory. It was the historic capital of Punjab and one of the most important cities in the Mughal Empire. During the period of Mughal Empire, it also reached the peak of architectural glory. The Mughal Emperors lived in Lahore for a long period.

This heavy square mohur of Jahangir which was minted at Lahore weighs around 13.79g. It was sold for INR 2,65,000 at a Todywalla Auction. Struck during the 2nd year of his reign in the Hijri year 1015, the obverse of the coin is inscribed as ‘Nur-Al-Din Jahangir ibn Akbar Badshah’ with regnal year 2. The reverse of the coin is inscribed as ‘Ruye Zar Ra Sakht Norrani Mihr-o-Mah’ with AH year 1015. Catch out more details about similar coin on our site.

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