Man Prints Names and Details of Macclesfield War Martyrs on Banknotes

25 Oct 2017  Wed

The names of all 677 Macclesfield soldiers killed in the First World War were written on different £10 notes and put back into circulation by a 57-year-old man named Trevor Druce. He spent seven months to print the names of all 667 Macclesfield soldiers who died during the war.

A woman found a £10 with John Hodgson’s name, regiment details, and age when she withdrew it from a cash machine in Norwich. She searched the name online and got to know details of Private Hodgson’s role in the Great War. Trevor was delighted to read this news and said that this is exactly what his motive was. However, he was not aware that it is illegal to deface banknotes. He hopes that he won’t be prosecuted for his actions with a good intent. Moreover, all the old £10 notes will be out of circulation soon

Trevor had appealed to the Bank of England for a national monetary tribute but he never got a positive response. So he decided to do something on his own for the martyrs. He spent all that money in local shops and pubs.

Trevor was also involved in the War Graves Project to restore deteriorated graves of Macclesfield soldiers. His next project is called Aftermath 100 explaining what happened to soldiers after returning from the war.

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