Silver Rupee of Dawar Bakhsh

24 Oct 2017  Tue

Dawar Bakhsh which means "God Given" was the ruler of Mughal Empire from 1627 to 1628 AD, immediately after the death of his grandfather Jahangir. He reigned as the emperor for a short period of 3 months.

Earlier, he was made the Diwan of the Dakhin, and later Governor of Gujarat, by his grandfather Jahangir. After the death of Emperor Jahangir, he became a pawn in the political game to seize the Mughal throne.

Dawar Bakhsh was the title given to 'Bulaki' on his accession to the Mughal throne. He was the son of Jahangir's second son Khusrau when he was temporarily enthroned at Lahore by Yaminud-Daula Asaf Khan. Asaf Khan’s tactic was prompted by the fear that Nur Jahan, the powerful Queen of Jahangir might crown Shahriyar, the fourth son of Jahangir as the emperor.

The Khutba was read in Dawar Bakhsh's name at Bhimbar. His position was bolstered by his brothers and cousins joining him. Asaf Khan first defeated Shahryars army at the outskirts of Lahore. Due to having secured Shah Jahan's agreement, proclaimed him as the emperor on 2 Jumada-I 1037. The puppet Dawar Bakhsh was killed along with his brothers and cousins who had sided with him by Shah Jahan's orders on 26 Jumada-I 1037, thus bringing his short reign to an end.

His role was thus limited to be a 'sacrificial goat' to pave way for Shah Jahan to succeed to the imperial throne.

This extremely rare silver rupee which weighs around 11.30g minted in Lahore was sold for INR 17, 00,000 at Classical Numismatic Gallery. The obverse of the coin is inscribed as ‘Abu al-Muzaffar Dawar Bakhsh Badshah Sanah 1. The reverse of the coin is inscribed as ‘Shahada- La Ilaha Illa Allahu Muhammad-Ur-Rasulullah, Zarb Lahore’ and AH 1037.

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