The Beauteous Coins of Gupta- VI

23 Oct 2017  Mon

Hey all… Hope you doing well! We are back again with some interesting Gupta coins. Lastly, we had a detailed look at the coins of Samudragupta. Today we will glance at the coins of Chandragupta II.

Chandragupta II was popularly known as Chandragupta Vikramaditya. He ruled from 375 CE to 415 CE from his capital Pataliputra and later Ujjain. This period is characterized by prosperity, power, culture, and art.

Chandragupta II issued varieties of Gold coins like Archer Type, Sceptre Type, Lion Slayer Type, Horseman Type, Chattra Type and Counch Type. He was the first one among the Gupta rulers who issued silver and copper coins. During this time we see the silver coins with the bust of the ruler on the obverse while the reverse has a stylized Garuda with Brahmi legend around it. There are copper and lead coins too.

The given Gold Dinar in the image is a 'Couch' type. The obverse of the coin depicts a barebodied king, wearing dhoti, necklace and ear-ornaments, seated in frontal pose on a high-backed four-legged couch admiring a lotus bloom held in his right hand, while the left-hand rests on the seat; Brahmi legend Deva Shri Maharajadhiraja Shri Chandragupta(sya) around. While the reverse has a goddess, seated frontally on a throne, wearing ornaments and a thin upper-body garment, resting her feet on a wide lotus-shaped pedestal; she holds lotus in one hand and makes a gesture of benevolence (Varadamudra) with the other. Small tamgha is visible in the left field. This particular coin has been sold for INR 38,00,000. Till then keep exploring the coins of Gupta on our website.

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