Do the shape of a coin attract you?

18 Oct 2017  Wed

Metal, rarity, condition, symbol and shape matters when we talk about the coin. What fascinates more is the shape of the coin because that’s what makes it a unique piece. Why such unique shape of coins was issued by kings is still needs some research.

Ancient India always makes us wonder about the simplicity and high tech innovations in the coins. The given unique shaped coin is from the region of Western Vidharbha/ Eastern Marathwada of Maharashtra. The coin was issued by the king Balamitra (200 BC). The obverse has an Elephant walking to the right and Brahmi legend ‘balamitasa’ reading anticlockwise. The reverse has a six-armed symbol.

This unique piece was sold for INR 9500 in Classical Numismatics Gallery. So what are you thinking? Do the shape of the coin really fascinates you? If yes then you can start collecting coins of various shapes all around the world!

Till then enjoy the festivals of light, stay safe and keep the environment pollution free!

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