Black Hole Celebrated on Latest Coins from Melbourne Mint

17 Oct 2017  Tue

A black hole is a region with such a high gravitational force that no particles or electromagnetic radiation such as light can pass through it. A private distributor of coins named Melbourne Mint has issued a coin celebrating the mysterious, supermassive black hole. The Antique Finish, Prooflike 2017 1-ounce .999 fine silver $2 coin is issued for the country of Niue. The coin features red and blue shades on relief surfaces of the reverse to depict a black hole surrounded by a galaxy. The space debris have a mirror finish.

Albert Einstein was the first scientist to predict the nature of black holes using his general theory of relativity. Karl Schwarzschild came up with the first modern solution of general relativity to describe a black hole in 1916. Some believe that the term “black hole” was coined by American astronomer John Wheeler in 1967. There are many others who do not believe in this fact though. In 1971, the first black hole was discovered and scientists are still trying to find out the mysteries behind it.

The coin will be released in October or early in November. It has a mintage limit of 999 pieces and can be purchased for $119.

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