Princely state of Sangli

16 Oct 2017  Mon

The Princely State of Sangli was under the Kolhapur-Dekkan residency of the Bombay Presidency during the British Raj. The State gets its name from‘Saha Galli’ which means Six Lanes in Marathi.

There are not many references to the State of Sangli before 1801 CE. It surfaces in the pages of history for the first time as the part of Maratha Empire and internal part of southern Maratha Jagirs. In the time of Shivaji, Sangli was captured by the Mughal forces. On 5th May 1819, this Jagir of Marathas came under British protection and was made a protectorate.

During the Maratha confederacy under the Peswas Patwardhan dynasty ruled the Sangli state, they used the title ‘Rao’. The last ruler of Sangli, HH Shrimant Raja Saheb Chintamanrao II Dhundirajrao Appasaheb Patwardhan adopted the title of Raja.

This state issued many stamps which were used for collecting revenue and tax within the state borders. The above-shown stamp is a Court fee stamp; it was imposed by the local governing body to collect the tax. The stamps of this state were printed on the Wove paper and were printed by Laxshmi Art Printing Works in Bombay.

The last ruler of this state joined the Dominion of India on 8th March 1948. Today Sangli is the part Maharashtra state.

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