Coins of Jaunpur Sultan Shams Al Din Ibrahim Shah

16 Oct 2017  Mon

The city of Jaunpur was founded by the Sultan of Delhi, Feroz Shah Tughluq in 1359. He named the city in memory of his father, Muhammad Bin Tughluq (Jauna Khan).

The Jaunpur Sultanate was ruled by Sharqi dynasty. Khwajah-i-Jahan Malik Sarwar, the first ruler of the dynasty, was a Wazir (minister) under Sultan Nasiruddin Muhammad Shah (1390–1394). In 1394, he established himself as an independent ruler of Jaunpur.

The Jaunpur Sultanate attained its greatest height under the younger brother of Mubarak Shah, who ruled as Shams Al-Din Ibrahim Shah (1402-1440). To the east, his kingdom extended to Bihar, and to the west to Kanauj.He even marched on Delhi at one point.

During his reign, he issued coins in all the four metals: gold, silver, copper, and billon.

This tughra type gold tanka which weighs around 11.55g was issued by him. The obverse of this coin is inscribed with Arabic legend in Tughra style ”Al-Wathiqba-Tayeed al-Rahman Abu al-Muzaffar Ibrahim Shah al-Sultan” and the reverse of the coin inscribed as “Fi Zaman Al-Imam Naib Amir Ul Mominin Abu'l Fath Khulidat Khilafatahu”.

This coin was sold for INR 1, 25,000 at Classical Numismatic Gallery in an auction held on 12th August 2017.