Bank of England Raises Money for Charity

12 Oct 2017  Thu

In September, the new £10 note was launched, after which on 6th October numerous Jane Austen notes with low or special serial numbers were auctioned for charity. The auction held at Spink also included a selection of old series notes which are no longer legal tender.

The auction raised £269,338 for three charities – Candlelighters, Haven House Children’s Hospice and Macmillan Cancer Support. A total of 141 lots were auctioned and the highest bid for a single note was £7,200 – the Jane Austen £10 with serial number AA01 000010. The highest bid in the auction was £13,500 for a full uncut sheet of 54 £10 notes.

The Bank of England fosters an inclusive culture where everyone can contribute to public welfare. Candlelighters was nominated by a member of Notes Directorate staff and Haven House Children’s Hospice and Macmillan Cancer Support are the Bank’s 2016/17 charities.

Candlelighters gives full support to children diagnosed with cancer and their families throughout Yorkshire by funding additional specialist staff in Leeds Children’s Hospital, a Family Support Centre and a bus that takes essential services to those who need them. The charity provides financial aid and offers holidays, as well as support groups, for every member of the family as they want to bring comfort to those facing life-changing situations.

Since the year 2003, Haven House Children’s Hospice has given palliative and holistic care for 900 families with children, who are facing life-threatening conditions. Some places covered by the charity are North and North East London, West Essex and East Hertfordshire. They offer respite, short breaks, and end of life care, as well as a range of services to families for their mental and physical well being. All of the charity’s services are free of charge to the families they support. Macmillan Cancer Support helps people living with cancer from the moment of diagnosis through treatment and beyond. With over two million people living with cancer in the UK today, a figure that is set to rise to four million in 2030, the demand for Macmillan professionals has never been higher. Macmillan provides help to people who are not financially strong and are looking for work. They encourage people to accept life’s joys and sorrows and make peace with it forever.