1953 Mozambique Stamp Featuring Butterfly

12 Oct 2017  Thu

The in-depth study of butterflies, moths, and skippers is called Lepidoptery. People who indulge in lepidoptery, catch, preserve and collect specimens. Many of them are also interested in collecting thematic stamps featuring these amazing insects.

Mozambique is located on the southeast coast of Africa. The country was earlier a Portuguese colony and gained independence in 1975. It is divided from the island of Madagascar by the Mozambique Channel. After independence, the country issued thousands of topical stamps in a very short duration.

Mozambique also issued a set of Butterflies and Moths stamps on 28th May 1953 even when it was still a Portuguese colony. This unique set of stamps has a market value of $51.05 in mint never-hinged condition, $7.50 in used condition, and at $1 in canceled-to-order condition.

So if you find any of these lovely stamps, it is definitely a must-buy!

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