How India Took on Hyderabad with Operation Polo

19 Sep 2017  Tue

India was rising to a new dawn; the eve of Independence was upon us. This long waited Independence came with many challenges. The biggest challenge was merging the Princely States. The State of Hyderabad in the heart of India was one of the fascinating Challenges. This task was executed by Operation Polo which was terminated after Nizam Hyderabad’s army surrender to the Indian Army.

Operation Polo was entitled to the Hyderabad Police Action which was essentially a military operation under which the Indian armed forces encroached the state of Hyderabad and defeated the Nizam.

When the clash of this event began, the Nizam of Hyderabad decided that the Princely State of Hyderabad would not join these two newly formed unions of India and Pakistan. Nizam declared to become an Independent state under the British Commonwealth. This decision of the Nizam was fatal to India as described by Sardar Patel “an ulcer in the heart of India” due to its location.

Many decisions and negotiations failed with Nizam of Hyderabad. The state of Hyderabad was busy arming itself with the help of its supporters. As soon as this news was received by the Indian Government, Sardar Patel decided to surgically remove this ulcer. On 13th September, a battle between India and Hyderabad took place and lasted until 18th September 1948.

Today the capital of this Princely state is the capital of Telangana and also a joint capital of Andra Pradesh.

This above-shown stamp gives you a glimpse of the past history of the state of Hyderabad. It was issued by the Princely state of Hyderabad during British Period.

P.S: This stamp is only used for the representative purpose and it is not directly related to the above-mentioned event.

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