The Mohur of Assam sold for 20,00,000 INR

13 Sep 2017  Wed

The auction held by Classical Numismatic Gallery in Ahmadabad Coins and Currency Fair last month consisted of an alluring collection of Assam coinage. The gold coins of Ahom coinage consisted of many beautiful specimens. One among them is the above-shown gold Mohur.

This extremely rare octagonal gold Mohur of Rangpur mint was sold for INR 20, 00,000. The obverse of this coin depicts a Persian legend ‘Zad ain Sikka chu Khursheed wa Mah / Sri Rajesar Sing Sultan-i Alam Panah’ meaning 'Sri Rajesvara Simha, Sultan, refuge of the world, struck this coin truly like sun and moon' within the line and dotted borders.

The reverse of this coin depicts a Persian legend ‘Manus maimanat 1685 Sanah Jalus Zarb Rangpur’ with lion shown in the left bottom corner, facing right. Very few specimens of this type are known because these were the rebel issues of Rangpur, minted during the exile of the legitimate ruler.

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