Eagle on Roman coins

15 Jun 2017  Thu

The Eagle on Roman coins was a symbol of strength, courage, and immortality. It was called Aquila in Rome and was believed to be the King of the birds. It was also said that eagle could ascend a storm and become the messenger of the God Jupiter.

It was the ensign of the Roman legion as the symbol of power and speed. This Aquila was assigned to an Aquilifer by the office in charge of Legatus. If the eagle is captured the Legion would be disbanded. One of the legion standards the powerful talons of the eagle gripping the thunderbolt, it is the symbol of Roman God Jupiter.

Roman struck gold coin due to financial demands of Second Punica War. The above-shown image depicts gold coin sixty AS, minted during the war. This coin depicts the Roman War God Mars and an Eagle standing on a thunderbolt

The other specimens of the eagle on coins are the denarius minted by Mark Antony depicted the Aquila of his Third Legion. The coinage of Emperor Caligula shows Aquila. The coinage of Rome also depicts Mars temple with an eagle on it.

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