Definitive Stamp of National Arms of the Republic of Slovenia

02 Dec 2022  Fri

Slovenia in Central Europe touched the Alps and bordering the Mediterranean. Slovenia. The majority of the population speaks Slovene is the official language.

In definitive stamp, the Coat of arms is in (1992). It Issues on 12 February 1992. Slovene arms consist of a red-bordered blue shield on its stylized white Mount Triglav, and there are two wavy lines represent the sea and the river of the country. Mount Triglav, three golden six-pointed stars represent the Counts of Celje. Expiry date of a stamp is 31 December 1997. a description is Arms of the Republic of Slovenia. A dimension is 25.6 x 34.5 mm. Multicolor stamp. A Emission is Definitive. The printing used is Offset lithography. Face value is 20 - Slovenian tolar.

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