Vellore Fort Commemorative Stamp

06 Aug 2022  Sat

Vellore is well known for being a transit hub for travellers; it is well known as a fort city of Tamil Nadu. The fort of Vellore was built around 1566 CE by the chieftains of Sadashiv Raya of the Vijayanagar Empire. Vellore fort was the headquarters of the Aravidu Dynasty of the Vijayanagar Empire. During the rule of the Vijaynagar Empire, Vellore fort Vellore is also known for its rich culture, heritage, and everlasting legacy of the early Dravidian civilization.

Vellore was ruled by many Indian dynasties like Pallava, Chola, Nayaks, Maratha, Carnatic Nawab and Bijapur Sultanate for hundreds of years. The other important attractions of Vellore include the Clock Tower, the State Government Museum, the French Bungalow and the Pearl Palace.

The Government of India issued this commutative stamp on the Vellore fort in 1984 to commemorate this place.

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