Gold Half Ashrafi of Awadh Sold For INR 5,50,000

25 May 2022  Wed

Awadh was the Princely State during British rule in India. This beautiful gold half Ashrafi was issued by ruler Muhammad Ali during his rule in Princely State Awadh. Muhammad Ali Shah was the third Nawab of Awadh from 1837 to 1842. He built the shrine of Hurr at Karbala. Muhammad Ali Sat was the son of Saadat Ali Khan II and the brother of Ghazi-ud-Din Haidar Shah.

The weight of this gold half Ashrafi is around 5.38g. This gold half Ashrafi was minted in Mulk Awadh Bait-us-sultanate Lakhnau in the Hijri year 1256 CE. This gold Ashrafi was sold for INR 5,50,000 in an auction at Todywalla Auction House, held in Mumbai on April 23, 2022.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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