Sir Pherozeshah Mehta Commemorative Stamp

19 Mar 2022  Sat

Sir Pherozeshah Mehta was an Indian political leader and lawyer from Bombay. He was born in Bombay on August 4, 1845, where he spent the larger part of his life. He was the first Parsi to receive a Master's degree from Elphinstone College. He was one of the founding members, and President of the Indian National Congress in 1890 held at Calcutta.

Sir Pherozeshah Mehra was the driving force behind municipal, social and political reforms. He was the planner of the municipal charter for Bombay and founded the English-language newspaper Bombay Chronicle (1913). Sir Pherozeshah Mehra was the first to raise the issue of the Bombay Munciple Government and thought of the need for reform. He wrote the Bombay Munciple Act of 1872, which earned him the title "Father of Bombay Municipality."

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