Irish Pattern Penny

19 Mar 2022  Sat

A pattern coin is a coin that has not been approved for release but produced to evaluate a proposed coin design. Many coin collectors collect and study pattern coins because of their historical importance.

A rare pattern penny for Ireland’s first coinage features a design by Roman sculptor Publio Morbiducci, who was among a slate of artists around the world asked to submit designs in a contest to dress Ireland’s 1928 series of coins.

All of the designers were tasked with depicting the same theme, a roster of barnyard animals, as determined by the Irish Coinage Committee. The bronze penny was to feature a harp on the obverse and hens and chickens on the reverse.

A pattern bronze penny from Ireland soared during Dix Noonan Webb’s March 3 auction in London, realizing the equivalent of USD 23,153.

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