Bank Note of the Year 2005

17 Mar 2022  Thu

The IBNS 'Bank Note of the Year is awarded to a banknote issued during the preceding year and it is judged on artistic merit, design, and security features. The winning entry of 2006, for notes issued during 2004, is the 1000 Kronur note of Faeroe Islands.

The 1000-kronur banknote is the last note, and the highest denomination, in a series of banknotes issued by the Faeroe Islands over the last couple of years. This series has attracted much attention in the collecting world because of the unusual designs on the notes.

The front of the award-winning 1000-kronur note is dominated by a partially depicted purple sandpiper. Viewed from behind, while in full flight, the fine detail of the bird’s feathers are apparent, whilst a distant flock of birds completes the illustration. The contrast, between the detail of the sandpiper and the indistinct sky with the far-off flock of birds, results in an ethereal image, which gives the note much of its appeal.

The back of the note carries a view from the island of Sandoy, with the scene appearing misty and remote, complementing the image on the front.

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