Copper coin of King Krishna I

19 Jan 2022  Wed

Prominent India scholar and numismatist had an eminent opinion about Rashtrakuta coinage. According to them, Rashtrakuta ruled the large part of the Indian subcontinent between the 6th and 10th Centuries. The word ‘Rashtrakuta is derived from Sanskrit; ‘Rashtra’ means region and ‘Kuta’ means Chieftains. The Rashtrakuta dynasty was the great patrons of Art and Architecture; their contribution towards art and architecture was unique during that period. The earliest known Rashtrakuta inscription comes from a 7th-century copper plate grant detailing their rule from Manapura, a city in Central or West India.

One of the Known kings of Rashtrakuta was King Krishna I who ruled from his capital Achalapur. The above-shown image depicts his copper coin, it depicts Garuda is depicted in the centre in the standing position facing straight within a line border. The reverse symbol of Swastik is depicted in the centre with the legend ' Ra..Ka La varsha' is inscribed on the right of the relief.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Antiques

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