Commemorative Stamp of Keshub Chandra Sen

19 Jan 2022  Wed

Keshub Chandra Sen was a Hindu philosopher and social reformer; he was the third leader of BrahmoSamaj in 1857 CE. He attempted to incorporate Christian theology within the framework of Hindu thought.

After joining BrahmoSamaj in 1857 CE, he worked with Debendranath Tagore to promote its aims. He also lectures widely in English on theistic doctrine and Brahmo philosophy and established branches of samaj in Bombay, Madras, and other centers. Later; in his life, he was inspired by Christian teaching and sought to fuse Christian teachings into the Hindu framework. According to him, only the Christian doctrine would help instill new life into Hindu society.

In 1865, he led himself towards Christianity, broke himself with BrahmoSamaj, and formed Bharat BarshiyaBrahmoSamaj.

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