AmeerKhusrau Commemorative Stamp

23 Dec 2021  Thu

Abu'lHasanYam?nud-D?nKhusrau, popularly known as AmeerKhusrau was an Indo-Persian Sufi singer, musician, poet, and scholar who lived under the Delhi Sultanate. He is considered one of Indian's greatest poets. He not only wrote his poetry in Persian but also in Hindavi. He is considered the father of 'Qawwali'. He is also introduced to Ghazals style of songs in India; both of which still exist widely in India and Pakistan.

Amir Khusrau was the son of a Turkish officer in the service of Iltutmish, a Delhi Sultan. He devoted his entire life in the patronage and the service of rulers of Delhi Sultanate, especially Sultan Gh?y?s-ud-D?nBalban and his son Mu?ammadKh?n of Mult?n.

This commemorative stamp was issued by the Indian government in 1975 to commemorate his 650th Death Anniversary.

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