Abdul Qaiyum Ansari Commemorative Stamp

21 Dec 2021  Tue

Abdul Qaiyum Ansari was an activist in the Indian freedom struggle. He is best known for his commitment to national integration, secularism, and communal harmony. He worked against the demand of the Muslim League for the creation of a separate Muslim nation from India as an independent state.

He also fought against Jinnah's two-nation theory through the All India Momin Conference of which he was the President. He got involved in the movement of the Indian freedom struggle at a very young age. To get involved in the activity of the Indian freedom struggle, he left a government-run school nearby his hometown. He also established a national school for student boycotted government schools.

The government of Indian issued this commemorative stamp in the year 2005, to commemorate him and his work.

Image Courtesy: colnect.com

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