Bukkaraya I Gold Varaha Listed For INR 25,000

17 Dec 2021  Fri

Bukkaraya I was the ruler of the Vijaynagar Empire; he was one of the founders of Vijaynagar amongst the two brothers Harihara and Bukka. They founded the Vijaynagar Empire in 1336 CE.

The Vijaynagar Empire; was ruled by four major Dynasties; Sangama Dynasty, Saluva Dynasty, Tuluva Dynasty, and AraviduDyna. Bukka I ruled the Empire from 1344 to 1377 AD. He was the ablest ruler of the Sangama Dynasty. After sitting on the throne of the Vijaynagar Empire, he conquered many South Indian territories and made peace with Muhammad Shah I of the Bahamanis.

This gold coin was issued by king Bukkaraya I during his rule in Vijaynagar Empire. The weight of these gold coins is around 3.35g.

The obverse side of this gold coin depicts Hanuman moving to the right with the upraised right hand. The reverse side of this gold coin is inscribed with the Kannada legend.

This gold coin is listed for INR 25,000 in the upcoming auction of Classical Numismatic Gallery that will be held in Kolkatta on 26th December 2021.

Image Courtesy: colnect.com

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