Gold Dinar of Kumar Gupta Listed For INR 3,50,000

14 Dec 2021  Tue

Kumar Gupta was the king of the ancient Indian Empire named the Gupta Empire. The Gupta Empire existed in India between the 4th century and late 6th-century CE.

King Kumar Gupta ruled Gupta Empire between 415 CE and 455 CE. He was the son of king Chandragupta II and queen Dhruvadevi. King Kumar Gupta performed AshvamedhaYagna, a Yagna performed by the king to prove his imperial sovereignty, although no concrete information is available about his military achievements.

This gold dinar was issued by king Kumar Gupta during his rule in Gupta Empire. The obverse side of this gold dinar depicts the king facing to the right, standing in a frontal posture with one leg flexed at the knee, striking at a lion with a bow with its string pulled to the king's ear; Brahmi legend KumaraguptoYudhiSimha was written around. The reverse side of this gold dinar depicts the goddess seated in a Lalitasana posture.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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