Statue of Didarganj Yakshi Commemorative Stamp

29 Oct 2021  Fri

Didarganj Yakshi is one of the finest examples of an early Indian statue dated to the 3rd Century BC, accepted as one of the finest examples of Mauryan sculpture.

The Yakshi is a female earth spirit, accepted as a symbol of fertility by Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain faiths. It is a tall, well-built, well-proportioned, free-standing sculpture in sandstone with a polished surface, reflecting the sophistication in the treatment of form and medium.

The Didarbanj Yakshi was discovered on the bank of the river on October 18, 1917 CE. It was moved to house in a room at Patna high court and later shifted to Patna Museum on December 17, 1917, it is the star attraction of the museum.

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