Battle of Trafalgar Commemorative Stamp

21 Oct 2021  Thu

The battle of Trafalgar was one of the most decisive naval battles in history. It was the naval engagement between the British Royal Navy and the combined fleets of the French and Spanish Navies during the War of the Third Coalition of the Napoleonic Wars (1803–1815). This battle took place on 21 October 1805. The Royal Navy destroyer and proved the greatest threat to British security for 200 years, but lost Britain's national hero in the process.

In this battle, the British devasted the enemy's fleet, the British soldiers destroyed 19 enemies’ ships. The British did not lose any of their ships in this battle. Around 1500 soldiers were killed or wounded in this battle. Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar ensured Napeopleon that he would never invade Britain again.

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