Bank of Mexico Remembers Zapata

14 Oct 2021  Thu

The Bank of Mexico released a 20 peso commemorative coin in the year 2021 to commemorate the centenary anniversary of the death of Emiliano Zapata Salazar.

He is remembered in Mexico as a leading figure in the Mexican Revolution, which began in 1910, lasting until 1920. He was assassinated in 1919 and has been revered on a coin and a banknote so far. Issued in 2019, this 20 peso coin is a new addition by the Bank of Mexico which commemorates the centenary of the death of this great leader.

The bimetallic coin features on the obverse the obverse side includes a stylised design that is based on a well-known image of Emilio Zapata who was photographed on horseback and wearing his trademark sombrero along with his name, year of issue, mint mark and the denomination. The reverse side includes a depiction of the national crest of an eagle with a snake in its right talon.

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