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Silver Drachma of Western Kshatrapas king Rudrasena I

30 Jul 2021  Fri

This silver drachm that weighs around 2.30g was issued by Western Kshtrapas king Rudrasena during his reign. Rudrasena I sat on the throne of Western Kshatrapas in the year 200 CE and ruled until 222CE.

Rudrasena I was the son of Rudrasimha I, he sat on the throne of Western Kshatrapas after Jivadaman, his cousin. Rudrasena I ruled Western Kshatrapas for about 24 years and during this 24 years of reign, he issued various coins.

The obverse side of this silver drachm depicts the bust of the king facing towards the right with the Greek legend around and date behind the head. The reverse side of this coin depicts a three-arched hill with the crescent above, moon to the left and sun to right, the Brahmi legend ‘Rajno Mahakshatrapasa Rudradasihas Putrasa Rajno mahakshatrapasa Rudrasenas’ around.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Antiques

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