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Celebrating Canada’s Diversity

29 Jun 2021  Tue

Canada Mint in the year 2019 issued a special coin worth 200 dollars that celebrate the multicultural background of the country. This luminous gold coin is an artistic expression of pride in Canada’s inclusive spirit that radiates outward, and in the diversity that drives our innovation and prosperity.

This beautiful coin is engraved with a stunningly intricate design which is symbolic of the theme of the coin. The engraved line art is inspired by Sinhala and Indian art—part of a world of cultural traditions that are perfectly at home in Canada.

The coin is a mix of cultural emblems such as trillium and dogwood flowers, and the maple leaf that stands for diversity. Designed by visual artist Frances Ferdinands, The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.

The reverse of the coin depicts a lotus a near-universal symbol of purity, beauty, and prosperity. Viewed from an overhead perspective, the flower’s eight primary petals are open to the world and reach out in all directions, like Canada’s spirit. Between two intertwined cord patterns are other petal shapes, which bear leaf and curled fern motifs. The outer circle celebrates Canada’s multiculturalism through a mix of emblems: trillium and dogwood flowers, and the maple leaf.

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