Battle of Bunker Hill Commemorative Stamp

17 Jun 2021  Thu

The battle of Bunker Hill is also known as the Battle of Breed’s Hill was the first battle of the American Revolution. This battle was fought in Charlestown (now part of Boston) during the Siege of Boston. The Battle of Bunker Hill took place on 17th June 1775, just a few months after the start of the American Revolution. This Battle was named Bunker Hill in Charlestown, Massachusetts, which was peripherally involved in the battle.

The Battle of Bunker Hill was fought between the British and Americans; the British defeated Americans at the Battle of Bunker Hill in Massachusetts. After the victory, the British’s British decided to take two hills, Bunker Hill and Breed's Hill, to gain a tactical advantage. Although the British won the battle and gained control of the hills, they paid a heavy price. The defeat gave Americans the courage and confidence that they can stand against the British in the Battle. Later, more colonies joined the army after this battle and the revolution continued to grow in strength.

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