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Silver Tanka of Sikandar Bin Ilyas of Firuzabad Mint

15 May 2021  Sat

Abul Mujahid Sikandar Shah was the second sultan of Bengal Sultanate. He was the son of Shamsuddin Ilyas Shah, He sat on the throne of Bengal Sultanate by overthrowing his father in the year 1357 CE and ruled it until 1389 CE.

Sikandar Bin Ilyas Shah ruled the Bengal Sultanate for almost 32 years. In these 32 years of reign, he was characterized by stability and prosperity. During his reign, he built many grand buildings and mosques, including the Adina Mosque, which became the largest mosque in the subcontinent for a long time. He was responsible for the construction of the tomb and mosque of Akhi Siraj, the Kotwali Gateway at the southern entrance of Lakhnauti vault at Ganagarampur, Dinajpur, and a mosque at Mulla Simla, Hughli.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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