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Portrait of Jivaji Rao on Half Anna

15 May 2021  Sat

The Gwalior state received a 21 gun salute and held a pivotal position for its strategic location and fort strength. It became a part of the British suzerainty after the Anglo-Maratha wars. It was the largest state of the Central India Agency which was a political office of British India.

The Maratha Kingdom of Gwalior had a flag in a saffron tone with a swallowtail. Its coat of arms featured two cobras and the blazing sun at the center.

An adjoined copper coin of denomination Half Anna was minted at Gwalior by Jivaji Rao in 1999 Vikram Samwat. The coin has a bust of Jivaji Rao which is facing the left side. It also has Devanagari legends and mint names. The reverse of the coin depicts a coat of arms and denomination.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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