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Toughra Coin of Prince Sadiq Muhammad Khan V

07 May 2021  Fri

Bahawalpur princely state was established in 1727 AD by Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan Abbasi. Abbasi III entered into a subsidiary alliance with the British, by which Bahawalpur was admitted as a princely state of British India on 22nd February 1833. After independence, Bahawalpur joined Pakistan.

The Abbasi Daudputras, from whom the ruling family of Bahawalpur has sprung, claim descent from the Abbasid Khalifs. The tribe originally came from Sind and declared independence during the dismemberment of the Durrani Empire. As part of the 1809 Treaty of Lahore, Ranjit Singh was confined to the right bank of the Sutlej. The first treaty with Bahawalpur was negotiated in 1833, the year after the treaty with Ranjit Singh for regulating traffic on the Indus. It secured the independence of the Nawab within his own territories and opened up the traffic on the Indus and Sutlej.

An adjoined image of copper paisa was minted at Bahawalpur by Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan V in 1359 AH. The coin features the bust of Muhammad Bahawal Khan V which is facing the left side and Toughra.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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