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Sayajirao Gaekwar’s Coin from Baroda Princely State

04 May 2021  Tue

The term ‘Baroda’ or native name ‘Vadodara’ traces roots in Sanskrit which can be understood by dividing it into Vat means Banyan tree and Oodara means stomach. In some references, Vadodara is also defined as the ‘heart of Banyan tree’.

Gujarati poet, Premanand Bhatt mentioned other names of Baroda such as Virakshetra or Virawati, which means land of warriors. Early English travelers and merchants mentioned Brodera from which Baroda's name was derived. It was stretched over a large territory, across present-day Gujarat. It was divided into four parts- Kadi, Baroda, Navsari, and Amreli. Also, coastal areas such as Okhamadal and Kodinar were a part of the Baroda princely state.

Copper rupee of Sayaji Rao III of Baroda (1875–1939), showing his portrait. This coin is dated 1943 in the Vikram era. The coin is minted in the name of Shri Sayajirao Gaekwar. The obverse of the coin has the effigy of turbaned Shri Sayajirao Gaekwar facing right with Devnagari legend. And the reverse shows denomination, date below and scimitar, within the wreath.

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