Reign of the Khan of Bulgaria – Krum

13 Apr 2021  Tue

Krum was khan of the Bulgars reigning from 802 to 814. His able, energetic rule brought law and order to Bulgaria and developed the rudiments of the state organization.

Krum was a Bulgar chieftain from Pannonia. His background and the surroundings of his accession are unknown. It has been speculated that Krum might have been a descendant of the old Bulgar royal house of Kubrat.

He briefly threatened the security of the Byzantine Empire. During his reign the Bulgarian territory doubled in size, spreading from the middle Danube to the Dnieper and from Odrin to the Tatra Mountains. He died on April 13, 814, and succeeded by his son Omurtag.

This Bulgaria 1930 10 Leva coin shows “The Madara Horseman” (hunting scene with horseman, a lion killed by a spear, hunting dog), the inscription ‘Krum 814’ on its obverse face. Madara rock carving represents the 9th-century Bulgarian ruler Khan Krum. The reverse of a coin depicts Denomination, country name and year of the issue above the wreath.

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