King Louis the Pious captures Barcelona from the Moors

03 Apr 2021  Sat

Louis the Pious also titled the Fair, and the Debonaire was Carolingian ruler of the Franks who succeeded his father, Charlemagne, as emperor in 814. He was also King of Aquitaine from 781.

During his reign in Aquitaine, Louis was charged with the defence of the empire's southwestern frontier. Today on 3rd April in the year 801, he conquered Barcelona from the Muslims and asserted Frankish authority over Pamplona and the Basques south of the Pyrenees in 812.

As King, Loius had his own palaces, chancery, treasury, and mints. From the start of his reign, his coinage imitated his father Charlemagne's portrait, which gave it an image of imperial authority and prestige. Depicted here is a Denier issued under his reign from Melle mint. The obverse of a coin illustrates a cross and pellet in each quarter. On the other hand, the reverse of a coin represents a temple.

Image Source: Heritage Auctions

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