National Hero of Scotland

25 Mar 2021  Thu

Robert-I was King of Scots from 1306 until his death in 1329. Robert was one of the most famous warriors of his generation and eventually led Scotland during the First War of Scottish Independence against England. He fought successfully during his reign to regain Scotland's place as an independent country and is now revered in Scotland as a national hero.

According to a legend, at some point, while he was on the run after the 1305 Battle of Methven, Bruce hid in a cave where he observed a spider spinning a web, trying to make a connection from one area of the cave's roof to another. It tried and failed twice, but began again and succeeded on the third attempt. Inspired by this, Bruce returned to inflict a series of defeats on the English, thus winning him more supporters and eventual victory. The story serves to illustrate the maxim: "if at first, you don't succeed, try try try again."

Depicted here is a silver penny issued under his reign. The obverse of a coin depicts the crowned portrait of Robert the Bruce. The reverse illustrates a long cross dividing the coin into four quarters.

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