George VI Silver Rupee Listed For INR 400,000

10 Mar 2021  Wed

This silver rupee issued by British King Geroge VI, in the year 1939 minted in Bombay is listed for INR 400,000 in an upcoming auction of Todywalla that will be held on 14th March 2021.

King George VI was the king of the United Kingdom and the Dominion of the British Commonwealth from December 11, 1936, until his death. He was the second son of George V who sat on the throne, of the British Empire, after his elder brother King Edward VIII.

He had served as a King of the United Kingdom during World War II and was an important symbolic leader for the British during World War II. He supported Winston Churchill completely throughout the war and even visited armies on the battlefronts.

The obverse of this coin depicts crowned head of King George VI facing left within the legend ‘GEORGE VI KING EMPEROR’ with the toothed rim around it. The reverse of this coin illustrates ONE RUPEE INDIA and Yek Rupya in Persian separated by Year. Flowers and scrolls around in the circle.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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