Saint Casimir's Day

04 Mar 2021  Thu

On March 4, Roman Catholic Church celebrates the feast of Saint Casimir. Saint Casimir's day is most widely observed in Poland and Lithuania because he is the patron saint of these countries.

Casimir Jagiellon was a crown prince of the Kingdom of Poland and of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the 15th century. He is described as a young man of exceptional politeness and humility, education and intellect, striving for fairness and justice. He is featured on few banknotes of the above countries. A 50 Zlotych banknote of Poland issued in the year 1994 feature Saint Casimir.

Front design: Portrait of King Casimir III the Great in the centre area, with the inscription, "KAZIMIERZ I WIELKI", in a decorative medallion. Left of a portrait - at the top, inscription, "NARODOWY BANK POLSKI"; below that - depiction of an eagle, emblem of Polish Republic; below that - inscription, "WARSZAWA 25 MARCA 1994 r."; below that - inscription, "PREZES", and signature; below that - inscription, "GLOWNY SKARBNIK", and signature.

Back design: Depiction of the eagle from the royal seal of Casimir III the Great in the centre area, with royal insignia, orb and sceptre, underneath. At top - inscription, "NARODOWY BANK POLSKI". Below seal - rectangular field of ornamentation bearing number "50" to left and inscription, "PIECDZIESIAT ZLOTYCH", to right. To left of the eagle, on decorative guilloche ribbon - drawing of the crown in oval and four "50"s around the crown, with fragment below of panorama of the town of Kazimierz. On the right-hand side - a fragment of the panorama of Cracow.

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