Warren Gamaliel Harding Commemorative Stamp

04 Mar 2021  Thu

Warren G. Harding was the 29th President of the United States of America. He served the United States of America as a President from March 4, 1921, until he died in 1923. Warren G. Harding was one of the most popular presidents of the United States of America, but the subsequent exposure of scandals that took place under his administration such as the Teapot Dome scandal and other instances of corruption came to light, damaging his reputation. He was the first United States Senator to be elected a President.

Warren. G. Harding was a newspaper Publisher; as his newspaper business grew he began to turn his career towards politics. As he won the seat at the State legislature, he then became lieutenant governor. He was an excellent speaker; this helps him to leave his mark within the Republican Party. In 1914, he was elected as U.S Senate, in the year 1921; he was elected as the President of the United States of America.

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