Henry VI of England

04 Mar 2021  Thu

Henry VI was the king of England from 1422 CE to 1461 CE and 1470 CE to 1471 CE. He was the only child of Henry V, who sat on the throne of England when he was barely 9 months old, after the death of this father. He succeeded on the throne of French, after the death of his maternal grandfather, Charles VI, shortly afterwards. A regency council ran England until Henry was considered old enough to rule in 1437. In 1445, he married Margaret of Anjou. Henry VI was not a successful king as he started ruling at a very infant age. His incompetency for the government was a contributing factor to the Wars of the Roses and ultimately his murder on 21 May 1471. Image Courtesy: colnect.com Visit philamart to view and purchase variety of stamps from all over the world.

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