Today, Florida became the 27th State of United States

03 Mar 2021  Wed

Florida is one of the states of the United States of America; it is located in the South-eastern region of the United States of America. Florida is the third most popular state, 8th most densely populated state and fourth-largest economical state of the United States of America.

Today, on 3rd March 1945, Florida was admitted as the 27th State of the United States of America. Florida declares its withdrawal from the Union on January 10, 1861, and it was one of the seven original Confederate States.

Florida State economy relies only on tourism, agriculture, and transportation, which developed in the late 19th century. State Florida makes a border to the west by the Gulf of Mexico, to the northwest by Alabama, to the north by Georgia, to the east by the Atlantic Ocean, and the south by the Straits of Florida.

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