Silver Tanka of Bengal Sultan Ghiyath Al-Din Mahmud Shah

02 Mar 2021  Tue

Ghiyath Al-Din Mahmud Shah was the ruler of the Bengal Sultanate; he was the last ruler of the Hussain Shahi dynasty of Bengal Sultanate. He ruled the Bengal Sultanate between 1533 and 1538. The Hussain dynasty was founded by Alauddin Hussain Shah, father of Ghiyath Al-Din Mahmud Shah in the year 1494 CE.

After sitting on the throne of the Bengal Sultanate, he faces a Portuguese invasion in Chittagong in 1534 CE. But, he suppressed the Portuguese and made them his prisoner. Later, he reconciled with them and also allowed them to established factories and commercial stations in Chittagong and Hughli. In return, he asked for help from the Portuguese in battle with Sher Shah Suri. Both, Ghiyath Al-Din Mahmud shah and the Portuguese were defeated by Sher Shah Suri on 6 April 1538, as his appeals to the Mughal Emperor Humayun went unanswered.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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