Underwater tunnel on stamp

23 Feb 2021  Tue

Faroe Islands Post released two great stamps celebrating such engineering achievements and the Eystiroy Tunnel with the underwater roundabout. These two special items celebrate the opening of the tunnel that becomes available for public usage on 19th December 2020. This road is considered nowadays as the greatest infrastructure project in the Faroe Islands. The length of the tunnel is seven miles and serves as a bridge between the islands of streymoy and Eysturoy. This sub-sea road attracts tourists attention with various artistic flourishes includes an unusual roundabout with a big stone pillar in the centre. It was decorated by Faroese artist Trondur Patursson who featured the dancing people. The team of Faroe Islands Post sated in the Philatelic reales ‘ The dancing figure are illuminated from behind with colour-changing light- projecting dancing shadows on the basalt column when car headlight sweep over them. A chorus of one of the long heroic ballads says that ‘no one dance underground’ but apparently everything is possible under the seabed. Image courtesy: findyourstampvalue

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