Marine life on stamp

22 Feb 2021  Mon

Endangered National wildlife- is the theme of Europa 2021 stamps depicted on New Jersey Post. It is the first postal Service that introduced its philatelic release within this philatelic series. The newly released issue is devoted to endangered marines species of the island and contains two stamps that bear the Europa logo. All the animals featured on the stamp were illustrated by Sara Menon.

The Island of Jersey provides an abode for various birds and sea creatures. This newly released six stamps by jersey Post features representatives of marine life that live in the water and around the coastal area of the Jersey. The issue was illustrated by award-winning artist Sara Menon who live and world in Aquileia in Italy. She becomes active as a natural science illustrator in 2002 and nowadays she goes on doing a lot of work with the scientific public and museum. Her masterpiece is made in watercolour, pen and ink, pencil and other traditional media. The work of the illustrator is characterised by fine details.

Image Courtesy: Findyourstampvalue

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