Robert II becomes King of England

22 Feb 2021  Mon

Robert II was King of Scotland from 1371 to his death in 1390. He was the first monarch of the House of Stewart. Heir presumptive for more than 50 years, he had little effect on Scottish political and military affairs when he finally acceded to the throne.

He was the son of Walter Stewart, 6th High Steward of Scotland and of Marjorie Bruce, daughter of the Scottish king Robert the Bruce by his first wife Isabella of Mar. On the death of David (Feb. 22, 1371), Robert succeeded to the throne, his reign proving largely an anticlimax to his career. He took no active part in the renewed war with England (from 1378 to 1388). From 1384 the kingdom was administered by Robert’s eldest son, John, earl of Carrick (afterwards King Robert III), and from 1388, by his next surviving son, Robert, earl of Fife (afterwards 1st duke of Albany).

Depicted here is a silver Groat issued under his reign from Perth Mint. The obverse of a coin shows crowned head left, sceptre before with small star at the base of the handle, double tressure of six arcs surrounding broken my neck, small trefoils in spandrels, beaded circles and legend surrounding. The reverse of a coin represents a long cross Pattee, pierced mullet in each inner angle, beaded circles and twin concentric legends surrounding.

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