Indo-Parthian King Orthagnes

18 Feb 2021  Thu

The Indo-Parthian kingdom is also known as the Suren Kingdom, The Indo-Parthian Kingdom was founded by the Gondopharid branch of the House of Suren between 19 CE and 226 CE. The Indo-Parthians ruled the part of eastern Iran, various parts of Afghanistan, and the north-eastern part of the Indian Subcontinent. Gondophares I was the founder of the Indo-Parthian kingdom.

Orthagnes, also known as Gondophares III Gudana, or Gadana, was an Indo-Parthian King. He was the successor of King Gondophares. The actual date of his rule is unknown, but according to the study he might have a rule between 20 CE and 30 CE.

This copper Tetradrachm that weighs around 7.52g was issued by him during his rule in Indo-Parthian. The obverse of this coin depicts as ‘Bust of the king facing towards left’. The reverse of this coin depicts ‘winged Nike advancing right with wreath and palm and Kharoshti legend around’.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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