Square Copper Coin Satavahana King Siri Satakarni

12 Feb 2021  Fri

Satakarni is also known as Satakarni I or Siri Satakarni was the third king of the Satavahana Empire; he ruled the Deccan region of India. The Satavahana of the one of the empire that ruled the vast part of the Indian subcontinent from 2nd century BC till 2nd century CE. Satavahan is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Sapta Vahan' meaning ‘Driven by seven’. According to Hindu mythology, ‘the chariot of the sun god is drawn by seven horses’. This would ratify the claim that the Satavahanas are originally associated with the legendary solar dynasty.

This “Arched hill- Bheema Valley” type copper coin was issued by Siri Satakarni during his rule in the Satavahana Empire. The weight of this copper coin is around 6.46g. The obverse of this copper coin depicts ‘Three arched hills with a crescent in the centre, the wavy line below; Brahmi legend reading counter-clockwise outwards “Rano Siri…” around’. The reverse of this copper coin depicts ‘Ujjain symbol with one orb modified with a crescent'.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Antiques

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